Everyone needs a Buddy…Enroll them in YOUR Class

WIN_20150630_173636Since December, my little puppy dog has become my little buddy. In the morning, he can’t wait to wake me up so he can express his loyalty and love. When I come home, he is always excited to see me. Bandit and I have connected.

Connected. I really believe that people have a deep desire to be connected to belong to a group. A group that would love them and accept them for who they are. I have been blessed with lots of friends but my best friends know me and love me despite my warts. When I first moved to Spring Hill eighteen years ago, I found these friends in my co-workers and my new Sunday School class at Thompson Station Church.

Bruce, Liz, Sue, Tim, and Jerry accepted me while I learned to lead a conference or to consult with a church in those first few years of denominational work. In Sunday School, we got connected with some great couples and Vance and Valerie have become two of my truest friends. As we started new groups, new couples were allowed into the circle of friendship and today, Chuck and Marlene and Greg and Karen were added as they began to search for a new group to get connected with.

One of the surprising things is that even in the church, there are many people attending worship but not connected to a group. Lifeway’s research on Transformational Groups discovered that those connected and participating in a group versus those that just attend worship: Read their Bible more, prayed more, confessed their sins more, shared the gospel more, gave more, and served more. All great reasons to invite someone to belong to your group today. Begin asking two questions in every worship attender, How long have you been attending “your’ church? And then the most important question, Have you gotten connected to a group?

If they haven’t gotten connected, invite them to belong to your group or connect them with the right group for their age or life stage. People need to get connected. Everyone needs a buddy!

About drmarkmiller

I serve as the Sunday School, Discipleship, Small Groups Specialist for the Tennessee Baptist Convention
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1 Response to Everyone needs a Buddy…Enroll them in YOUR Class

  1. David Francis says:

    You’ve gone to the dogs, Miller! Seriously, good article. Nice selfie. Of the dog.

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